Weslo Treadmill Reviews
Weslo Treadmill ReviewsWeslo Treadmill Reviews at Fitness-Equipment-Review.com
Weslo Treadmill Reviews
Weslo Treadmill Reviews
Weslo Treadmill Reviews
Weslo Treadmill Reviews
Weslo Treadmill Reviews
Weslo Treadmill Reviews
  Weslo Treadmill Reviews

Weslo Treadmills

Weslo Treadmill Reviews Weslo Treadmill Reviews
Weslo Treadmill Reviews



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Weslo Treadmill Reviews
The Weslo brand is a subsidiary of Icon Health and Fitness. Icon is by far one of the largest manufacturers of exercise equipment world wide. You probably know of some of their other brands like, Reebok, Proform, Nordic Track, Weider, just to name a few...

Of all treadmills that are produced by Icon Health and Fitness, the Weslo treadmills are the lowest priced. In fact, of all treadmills, produced by anyone, Weslo is the lowest priced on the market. For those that don't know, treadmills that are designed for the home, can range anywhere from $500.00 to $5000.00. To give you an idea, the most you'll pay for a Weslo treamills is safely under $1000.00. You can even find a model for under $200.00!

However, for such a small price, what can you really expect? Weslo treadmills are entry level and are designed for lighter use. These machines lack the power that the more expensive models offer and are built with smaller belt and deck areas. If you're a seasoned runner, you'll either want to stick to the pavement or go with a treadmill that is over $1000.00. Weslo treadmills will not be for you. So just who is are the Weslo treadmills aimed at?

Although popular and effective, not everyone can justify thousands of dollars for a piece of fitness equipment. For power walkers and recreational runners, a Weslo treadmill - priced under $500.00, might be a more sensible alternative. This also goes for those fitness enthusiasts who just want an alternative to running out of doors on rainy days and during the winter months.

Ideally, it's best to go with the most expensive treadmill that your budget can afford, no matter what your fitness level and running experiences are. If $500.00 is your limit, then your choice is most likely going to be between a Weslo or a Proform treadmill, which are both manufactured by the same company.

A fault of both the Weslo and the Proform treadmills is that they offer very short warranties on their parts and labor. The more expensive treadmills come with loger warranties, which gives you a hint at their superior quality. With only a 90 day warranty on weslo treadmills, it's something that we all have to live with on all lower priced fitness machines.

Try to find out if you are able to extend the warranty when you first buy a Weslo treadmill. An extra year will cost you around $100.00, but is well worth it if anything goes wrong. Of the following Weslo treadmills, you can still get one of them, with the extended warranty, for $500.00. However, a word of caution... Some US states are not eligible for extended warranties as there are, most likely, no technicians available in those area.

Three of the following Weslo treadmills can be found at most major Internet retailers. Their prices are virtually identical, down to the promotional offers. Clicking on the product links, below, will take you to The Sports Authority, which is one of the largest and well known on line fitness retailers...

Weslo Cadence L290 Treadmill
With a continuous duty on its motor (2.0HP), it also folds for easy storage. It offeres a top speed of 8mph and has a manual incline, which means that it can't be adjusted while you're jogging or walking on it. The Weslo Cadence L290 comes with three different work out programs and its console displays read outs such as time, speed, and calories.

Weslo Treadmill for Walkers
Designed just for walking. It has a smaller walking area that the two models above, it offers a top speef of 5mph, which is a slow walking pace for taller people. Its consold displays time, speed, and calories.

In closing, if you really can't, or won't, pay more than $500.00, then a Weslo is a good option...

Click here to compare Weslo treadmills to Proform's selection...

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  Weslo Treadmill Reviews
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Weslo Treadmill Reviews