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Weight Lifting Equipment Reviews
Weight Lifting Equipment Reviews
Weight Lifting Equipment Reviews
Weight Lifting Equipment Reviews
Weight Lifting Equipment Reviews
Weight Lifting Equipment Reviews
  Weight Lifting Equipment Reviews

Weight Lifting Equipment

Weight Lifting Equipment Reviews Weight Lifting Equipment Reviews
Weight Lifting Equipment Reviews



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Weight Lifting Equipment Reviews
There are many forms of weight lifting equipment available, from barbells to home gyms, not all of them are created equal...

The articles that we've listed here are reviews on different types of weight training equipment and accessories, the pros and cons of aeach, and guides on where to buy them. If you're a seasoned lifter, then you know exactly what you're looking for and can use the reviews to find what you're searching for quickly and easily.

If you're a newbie to strength training, you may not be sure of what types of weight lifting equipment is best for you. Here's a quick outline...


The majority of experienced weight lifters prefer free weights, such as barbells and dumbells. If building muscle mass is your focus, then free weights are your best investment. Dumbells are safer than barbells in that you don't need to have a spotter when using them. Barbells may require a second person in case you take on weight that is too much for you.

Although a great choice, free weights also have a disadvantage. You may find that some exercises are difficult to execute and there is really no free weight exercise that can duplicate a lat pull down machine, for your back muscles. Leg workouts are also tricky as the amount of weight that your legs can handle is normally a significant amount more and would require the assistance of a spotter, which is not required with an in home gym.

When it comes to cost, free weights are cheaper than other forms of weight lifiting equipment, such as home gyms for example. However, having said that, depending on how much weight you're going to purchase, and then add the cost of a lifting bench, there may not bee too big of a difference between the two.

Home gyms

A multi-station home gym will tone and strengthen your muscles just like the machines at a commercial gym. To start with the disadvantages, home gyms restrict your plane of movement when working out. For example, lifting a set of dumbells fits around your physique and goes with your natural movement patterns, whereas a home gym is a fixed platform and limits your natural movement, which means you are fitting yourself to the machine. Antoher disadvantage is that you're limited to the amount of weight you can lift. If you are a seasoned weight lifter, and have been lifting for a number of years, it's best that you stick to free weights.

On the flip side, home gyms are much safer than free weights as they don't require a second person to spot. While it is difficult to work your legs with free weights, home gyms include pull down and various attachments to work your legs and other muscle groups. The largest advantage, however, is the convenience that they provide, and their ease use. Simpy pull the pin to alter the weight and there is no lugging of heavy plates in between exercises.

In terms of the amount of space, free weights or a home gym requires, little differentiates the two.


Something to definitely keep in mind... If a weight lifting product requires an infomercial and/or a celebrity to endorsement, it most likely isn't genuine weight lifting equipment. Although there are some exception, those that want to increase their strength, tone, or build muscle mass should stick to free weights, a good quality home gym, or a commercial gym membership.

With these thoughts in mind take your time with the followingn review articles to look at some weight lifting equipment in detail...

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