Weight Benches Reviewed
Weight Benches ReviewedWeight Benches Reviewed at Fitness-Equipment-Review.com
Weight Benches Reviewed
Weight Benches Reviewed
Weight Benches Reviewed
Weight Benches Reviewed
Weight Benches Reviewed
Weight Benches Reviewed
  Weight Benches Reviewed

What to Look for in a
Weight Bench

Weight Benches Reviewed Weight Benches Reviewed
Weight Benches Reviewed



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Weight Benches Reviewed
There are many forms of weight benches, from your basic flat bench to machines representing mini multi gyms. 

You're generally paying for two things...

1. The number of attachments and adjustments, like an incline facility or leg curl attachment.

2. The stability and sturdiness of the bench. Weight benches that cost under $100.00, and which offer multiple attachments will probably be less sound than flat benches that cost $150.00 or more.

Another thing to consider is whether you will only be lifting dumbells or barbells, or both. If you're looking for a bench to use a barbell, you'll need an upright stand to support it. If you want to do squats, you may find it worthwhile to find a bench with higher uprights, enabling you to replace the bar.

Also consider whether you want attachments on your bench. Reports show that multi-purpose benches tend to be fairly sad as they are awkward to use and rarely do they provide enough space to add a decent amount of weight.

Common attachments include the preacher curl and butterfly. While preacher curls are a great exercise for your biceps, there are so many other exercises that can do the same thing and they just don't justify the extra cost. The butterfly, on the other hand, is an exercise that is definitely not work the extra cost. Traditional flies, with a set of dumbells, will work your chest in the exact same way and are probably more effective.

What most weight lifters really look for is an incline facility. This feature is particularly important for isolating the upper chest region. If the incline is inclined to 90 degrees, it will support your back when you do overhead presses.

We have included three low cost weight benches, which we believe offer the best value for the dollar. They are just a jumping off point to start your research and are well work looking into...

Weider Pro 125 Dumbbell Bench
This weight bench for dumbells, which includes an inclining facility, is the best bench for its price that we've been able to find. A safe and well known brand, if your preference is to use dumbells, this Weider bench is a great choice.

Impex Olympic Bench 1900
A heavy duty bench that allows you to use olympic sized barbells. This bench includes leg and preacher curl attachments. The leg attachment enables you to adjust the pivot point for specific muscle isolation. Adjustable incline and decline, it also offers a flat surface and is designed for a walk in squat position. A great bench for it's price range.

Again, these benches are just samples of weight benches that you could consider. If you're a beginner, just starting out, these benches are reasonably priced without skimping on quality. Try out these on line retailers ifyou are looking to purchase on line... They offer great selections and prices!

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  Weight Benches Reviewed
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Weight Benches Reviewed