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Total Gym Review
Total Gym Review
Total Gym Review
Total Gym Review
Total Gym Review
Total Gym Review
  Total Gym Review

Total Gym

Total Gym Review Total Gym Review
Total Gym Review



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Total Gym Review

Used by more than 7000 hospitals, rehab clinics, and fitness centers world wide, the Total Gym is one of the few infomercial products that has made the grade.

The Total Gym is not simply hype. It's made the grade and rates up there with in-home gyms that are ten times the price. It's got a few minor flaws, but it offers excellent value for the dollar on the whole. For those that aren't familiar with the Total Gym...

This unit uses your own body weight as resistane against the constant pull of gravity. By adjusting your body on the glide board, which rolls up and down on an incline, it allows you to become the weight. Your own body weight acts as the resistance as you push yourself up the incline.

The Total Gym offers various levels of resistance, each representing a percentage of your body weight. This percentage is then translated into the pounds used as resistance. To do this, you simply raise or lower the incline of the glide board to increase or decrease your resistance.

If you visit a site that sells the Total Gym, you'll obviously find nothing but good feedback on the product. If you want a consumers real point of view, try researching independent sources that document the good and bad, such as message boards and group forums.

For the most part, the majority of Total Gym owners love their choice. It's effective at strength training, for toning muscles, eliminates compression on your skeletal structure, protecting joints and baack, and is very easy to set up.

Any negatives?

For one, the entire unit is quite heavy and cumbersome. Although it does fold up, but you'll need a good place to hide it because it is not overly attractive. Another negative is that it is not a solution for body builders. If your focus is on building large amounts of muscle mass, the gym is your best bet. The Total Gym just doesn't provide enough resistance to build massive muscle mass.

One last criticism, the manufacturers would love for you to believe that you can execute effective aerobic work outs on the Total Gym, but the aerobic exercisers are quite boring and far too easy to be of any real benefit. You could, however, set up a circuit training program on the gym if you want the aerobic exercise out of the gym.

Like other makes, the Total Gym offers a variety of models to choose from. Far and away, the best model for your dollar is the Total Gym 1000. The other models may include more attachments, sturdier frames, or a larger glide board, but they cost up to 10 times more than the Total Gym 1000.

If you're not looking for anything fancy, and just want to use it at home, there's no need to go for the newest, latest, and greatest model. The Total Gym 1000 has all the attachments you'll need and will retail for considerably less than other models on line.

Like purchasing any other product on line, stick to the well known, established on line retailers. is one of the best places on the Internet to find infomercial exercise and fitness products. Hard to beat prices, great customer care, and a 30 day money back guarantee, they come highly recommended.

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  Total Gym Review
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Total Gym Review