Reebok Treadmill Reviews
Reebok Treadmill ReviewsReebok Treadmill Reviews at
Reebok Treadmill Reviews
Reebok Treadmill Reviews
Reebok Treadmill Reviews
Reebok Treadmill Reviews
Reebok Treadmill Reviews
Reebok Treadmill Reviews
  Reebok Treadmill Reviews

Reebok Treadmill Reviews

Reebok Treadmill Reviews Reebok Treadmill Reviews
Reebok Treadmill Reviews



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Reebok Treadmill Reviews

What draws people to Reebok treadmills? It's the name, hands down. A name that is well known, and is associated with distinction, quality, and to a certain level, status.

Why take a chance on brands, like Precor or Bodyguard, that you're not familiar with? A recognized name brand must be the best, right? Despite this logic, many treadmill experts would disagree...

Firmly established in the mid price range, a Reebok treadmill costs between $1,200.00 to $2,000.00, and draws the more committed of fitness enthusiasts.

Treadmill expers, such as the Treadmill Doctor, advise that the "bells and whistles" that Reebok treadmills offer do not make up for some of the "compromises in construction". However, although you're really just paying for the name, this fact doesn't stop people from buying their sports apparel in large quantities!

But don't confuse the Reebok treadmills with those that you find in commercial gyms, they are entirely different machines, manufactured by entirely different companies. Reebok treadmills are made for home use by a company called Icon Health and fitness, which owns the license to manufacture the home version of Reebok treadmills.

While some of Icon's treadmill brands, such as Weslo and Proform are well known for their short warranties, the parts and labor warranties on Reebok treadmills are quite good. On the majority of models, the frame is covered for a full lifetime, the deck and belt for 2 years, as well as all of the electrical and mechanical parts. Most importantly, the motor comes with a 5 year guarantee, however, it goes without saying, that you still need to check with the supplier for full details.

If you're on a time constraint, and you don't have time to do all the cost and feature comparisons, then Reebok is a safe bet. They offer solid machines, which you can rely on to be around five years from now should you need servicing on your treadmill.

The following are the top 4, most popular, Reebok treadmills available... There are other models that offer a few extra features and quality, but are also more expensive...

Reebok RX 1000 Treadmill
One of Reebok's most basic treadmills. It's small, but has an adequate motor size of 1.75HP, which produces 10mph as its top speed (More than fast enough for most runners). The deck and belt size are also adequate, and the console comes equipped with standard readouts such as time, speed, calories, and distance, but it does not include a heart rate monitor. This model is also not a space saver as it is not able to be folded. For a little more, the following models are much better value...

Reebok RX 2000 Treadmill
With a 2.0HP motore, Reebok's RX 2000 produces a top speed of 12mph. This is basically sprinting and is not something that we recommend on a treadmill. The deck and belt size, as well as the electronic console, are the same as the RX 1000, which makes the 1000 more favorable over the 2000 if you're not looking at motor size. As with the RX 1000, there is no heart rate monitor or pulse grip, nor the option of folding this peice of equipment away. These key points make the Reebok RX 4000 that much more of a reasonable choice...

Reebok RX 4000 Treadmill
Priced at $200.00 more than the RX 2000, it offers an even more powerful, 2.5HP, motor which is able to maintain higher speeds for a longer period of time. It has a larger deck and belt size, accomodating longer stride lengths. Unlike the first two models, this model includes a hear rate monitoring system through a pulse grip sensor, along with the regular readouts from it's electronic console. While the power incline and the top speed are the same as the RX 2000, it's major difference is that it has the ability to fold up and save space. In general, the RX 4000 is a powerfull machine that is more than adequate for all fitness levels.

Reebok RX 5000 Treadmill
Produces a top speed of 12mph through a sturdy 3.0HP motor. With it's large motor, you can expect this machine to maintain high speeds for long periods. The deck and belt size are the same as the RX 4000 and it also folds away to save space. Also like the RX 4000, it comes standard with a, pulse grip, heart rate monitor and standard console readouts. Although one of the best Reebok treadmills available, it is not too much better than the less expensive RX 4000.

Be sure to shop around and compare these Reebok treadmills with its competitors. There are other brands, like Smooth Treadmills, that are in the same price category and may have extra features such as better warranties.

To compare Reebok against Smooth's selection, click here to view our full review...

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  Reebok Treadmill Reviews
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