Proform Treadmills Reviewed
Proform Treadmills ReviewedProform Treadmill Reviews at
Proform Treadmills Reviewed
Proform Treadmills Reviewed
Proform Treadmills Reviewed
Proform Treadmills Reviewed
Proform Treadmills Reviewed
Proform Treadmills Reviewed
  Proform Treadmills Reviewed

Proform Treadmills

Proform Treadmills Reviewed Proform Treadmills Reviewed
Proform Treadmills Reviewed



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Proform Treadmills Reviewed

Most potential consumers are attracted to Proform treadmills over any other brand.

Proform treadmills are part of the Icon Health and Fitness group that is one of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers in the world. Their impressive list of subsidiaries includes brands such as, Reebok, Weider, Nordic Track, and Weslo, which are only a few...

Proform has one of the most complete range of treadmills available. Most of their treadmills range in cost from about $400.00, which is their entry level - low cost alternatives, to $1,300.00, which is typically mid-range.

The lowest cost Proform treadmills, under $500.00, often receive below average reviews from independant critics such as the Treadmill Doctor. However, to be fair, most people understand that a very low priced treadmill is not build to the same standards as the most expensive treadmills on the market. I mean, afterall, "you get what you pay for".

If you're a serious athlete and expect more out of your treadmill, don't even consider the lower priced Proform treadmills. For the most part, treadmills that cost under $1,500.00 "lack general beefiness, structural integrity and overal quality," says the product test editor for Runner's World, Dave Sellers. "They're light-duty machines." In my personal opinion, $1,500.00 is slightly pricey and that there are other treadmills available, under $1,000.00 that will easily do the trick.

One of the main problems that you'll run into, with the lower priced treadmills is the lack of length in their warranties. The majority of treadmills in this price range are only covered for about 90 days, and Proform treadmills are the same. Although, you really only need to worry about warranties if your machine breaks down within a year of purchase.

Here is a list of Proform treadmills that we consider to be of the best value...

Proform Crosswalk GTS Treadmill
This is one of the rare treadmills that offers dual action arms, similiar to what you'd find on an elliptical trainer. Their resistance can be adjusted separately, which allows you to work your upper body at the same time as you walk. Besides the 2.0HP motor that provides a good top speed of 10mph, it has a power incline that will take you up to a 10% grade. A sufficient belt and deck size, this model can be folded up to save space. It's electronic console displays all the readouts you need and expect. The only thing that it doesn't include is a heart reate monitor, but is a great beginning treadmill for its price.

Proform 795 SL Treadmill
More seasoned runners will appreciate the 795 SL, which boasts a more powerful motor of 2.5HP, and it's top speef of 10mph is perfectly satisfactory unless you want to sprint. Although it has the same top speed as the previous treadmill mentioned, it's larger motor should assure you of a longer life than a smaller motor that runs at the same speed. Also able to fold up, this model has a larger deck size which is more accommodating if you have a loger stride. The LCD console displays the usual calories burned, speed, distance, etc. However, unlike the last model, the 795 SL includes a hear rate monitor. On the whole, a great model for it's low cost.

Proform 995 SEL Treadmill
Probably the best value, the Proform 995 SEL has a huge motor of 2.75HP and a deck and belt size adequate for all levels of runners. With a standard heart rate monitor, it's console includes 8 pre-programmed work outs, and other standard readouts like calories, time, distane, etc. Right now, the 995 SEL comes with a free personal training package that is really quite good. "Free" work outs are normally cheap and salesy, but this specific CD package will actually plug into your treadmill to add that extra dimension to your fitness program. Aside from the bonus, this model also let's you adjust the cushion levels of the deck and folds up neatly to save space.

So, if you're searching for a teadmill that is under $1,000.00, you're choice is slightly limited, however, many of Proforms treadmills fall into this price range and offer great specifications for their prices.

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  Proform Treadmills Reviewed
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Proform Treadmills Reviewed