Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews
Precor Elliptical Trainer ReviewsPrecor Elliptical Trainer Reviews at
Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews
Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews
Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews
Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews
Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews
Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews
  Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Precor Elliptical Trainers

Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews
Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews



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Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Precor elliptical trainers are about the most top of the line elliptical machines on the market.

Considered, overall, as the founders of the concept of elliptical trainers, Precor was first initiated into the elliptical cross training market back in 1995. Since then, elliptical trainers have grown as commonplace as treadmills in, literally, all commercial gyms and fitness clubs.

Precor has, undeniably, built a reputation of quality exercise equipment. They design and construct their fitness equipment with only the heights grade componenets and superior quality, resulting in a product that offers years of trouble free use.

However, as with any product, the best or highest quality is also reflected by its cost. Precor elliptical trainers, created for home use, cost anywhere between $2,500.00 to $4,000.00. A price tag that generally attracks only the most serious of fitness users, who will only stand for the finest. The newest and latest Precor elliptical trainers are called the EFX series. They consist of only 4 models, but only two are outlined below...

Precor is the only elliptical trainer on the market to offer an adjustable incline, which they call the "CrossRamp". This "Crossramp" allows the user to change the muscle groups that are being exercised. Aside from the physical advantage, the "CrossRamp" brings variety to a plain fitness routine.

Like with all products, one of the most important things to consider is the equipments warranty and service agreement. All Precor elliptical trainers include excellent warranties. A minimum of 3-5 years on its parts, a lifetime warranty for its frame, and a 1 year warranty for any labor. is the only on line retailer that offers Precor's new range of elliptical trainers. They also offer an attractive feature, which consists of quality articles and information on the products that they sell. They are a great site to do a quick feature and cost comparison on any fitness product that you are looking for.

Although Precor offers 4 models in its EFX series, we have only included two of them...

EFX 5.17 Precor Elliptical Trainer
Priced at $2,300.00, the EFX 5.17 is the lowest priced, Precor elliptical trainer. A very basic machine, which only provides a lower body work out. It only includes one pre-set training program, however, like other ellipticals, it's electronic monitor also displays readouts such as the strides per minute, resistance level, time, and calories burned. And for an extra cost, you can get a heart rate monitor included.

EFX 5.33 Precor Elliptical Trainer
The EFX 5.33 is the only Precor elliptical trainer to provide both a lower and upper body work out. All of the other models only have a static handlebar to hold on to. The two models that are not mentioned in this article are similiar in price to this model, but are not nearly as good as this one. This EFX 5.33 features 8 pre-set work out programs, and a standard heart rate monitoring kit. Unfortunately, the "CrossRamp" feature is not adjustable on this model, most likely due to the uppoer body element.

So, if you can afford, and justify, the cost of a Precor elliptical trainer, then don't bother looking for anything else. The EFX 5.33 is the best! However, if the $3,500.00 is not within your budget, you may want to consider Smooth's selection of elliptical trainers. They are about half the price of these Precors and rival their quality. All Smooth ellipticals also come with standard upper body motion.

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  Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews
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Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews