Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews
Polar Heart Rate Monitor ReviewsPolar Heart Rate Monitors Reviewed at Fitness-Equipment-Review.com
Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews
Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews
Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews
Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews
Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews
Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews
  Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews
Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews



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Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Polar heart rate monitors have a wide range of models, and a wide range of prices, some for the same model even!

Polar is, hands down, the industry leader in wireless heart rate monitors. They are the number one choice amongst commercial gyms and professional athletes. All Polar heart rate monitors include a 2 year warranty so are all pretty safe choices.

With all the different models and their features, it's very easy to get lost unless you're a coach or an employee of Polar. Amongst the various models, some will measure more vital signs that your local Accident and Emergency department. For the majority of everyday runners and cyclists, a basic unit is more than

Some Polars heart rate monitors can measure more vital signs than your local Accident and Emergency department! For most recreational runners and cyclists, a basic unit is more than satisfactory.

Let's take a closer look at some of the latest unitls that Polar offers, and who they're best designed for.

You can find Polar heart rate monitors categorized into three different series...

A Series
This is your basic, entry level series, which simplifies heart rate monitoring for beginners and is intended for easy incorporation into everday exercise.

M Series

Heart rate monitors in this series are designed for the more dedicated fitness user. They will offer features such as, OwnCal, OwnZone, and OwnIndex.

S Series
These, higher end, Polar heart rate monitors can predict nutrition ependiture, VO2 max, as well as conditions such as temperature and altitude. Some heart rate monitors, within this series also enable you to link directly to your PC for visual analysis of your performance data.

If you're thinking of buying on line, and know where to look, you can save between 15%-20% off retail prices. However, there are literally thousands of web sites that sell heart rate monitors. Our suggestion is to stay with well known and established on line stores.

The following models will take you to our suggested Internet retailers. Series A will direct you to The Sports Authority, which is one of the top on line fitness stores for an A Series Polar heart rate monitor.

Those listed under the M Series and S Series will direct you to Online Sports. They are a higher end Internet retailer that offer Polar monitors at 10%-15% lower than retail cost.

The A Series

A1 Polar Heart Rate Monitor (Our Pick)
If you're just looking to measure your heart rate, while you jog, cycle, or work out at the gym, then this is the Polar heart rate monitor that will do it for you. You may think that it looks slightly cheap, but in actuality, it is cheap! The prices on this particular model range between $50.00 to $60.00, depending on where you shop. If you're on a budget, this is a good one to pick!

A3 Polar Heart Rate Monitor
This unit enables you to store your heart rate zone when you exercise. Unfortunately, this is the only extra feature that this model offers, and is really not worth the extra $30.00 over the A1 model.

A5 Polar Heart Rate Monitor
The A5 model includes some additional and valuable features compared to the others in this series. The A5 will allow you to calculate the number of calories that you've burned and also your BMI, body mass index. It features an excellent walking fitness test facility, on which you can base your routine, and it can also double as a watch. This A5 model is available on line for less than $100.00.

The M Series

The M Series is where the features and the prices start to add up...

M21/M22 Polar Heart Rate Monitors
The only difference between the M21 and M22 Polar heart rate monitors is their color. They are both designed for users that are trying to manage their weight with options that are based around calorie burning. Costing $40.00 more than the A5, from Series A, these two monitors are essentially the same, but at a higher cost.

M51/M52 Polar Heart Rate Monitors (Our Pick)
Like the previous models in this series, the M51 and M52 are differentiated only by color. Just a little more expensive than the M21 and M22, these two monitors offer far more beneficial features. A great feature of these two monitors is a fitness test that the user can do, based on their heart rate, sex, age, weight, height, and activity. They also enable you to store up to two profiles, so is perfect if you need to share it with someone when you're not using it. If the price of $170.00 is within your price range, this is the best monitor for non-professional athletes.

The S Series

Polar S 210 Heart Rate Monitor
The Polar S 210, at $200, is the lowest priced heart rate monitor in the S Series. This model can estimate your VO2max and energy expenditures, and allows you to set up to 3 target zones, also enabling you to carry up to 6 different profiles, for various work outs. Not the best looking Polar heart rate monitor, but it will more than do the job.

Polar S 510 Rate Monitor
Ideal for Triathletes, the S 510 has all the same features as the S 410, but also includes wireless cycling functions to measure speed and distance. This unit boasts a larger screen, giving it easy hadlebar viewing, and also allows you to file two sets of wheel sizes.

Polar S 610 Heart Rate Monitor (Our Pick)
Nearly the most powerful Polar heart rate monitor on the market. Priced at $280.00, this model is directed at serious amature or professional athletes and commercial gyms. Able to measure you VO2max, average heart rate, and calorie expenditures. It can also record and analyze your training data via a link to your PC, which can be downloaded in seconds with an IR interface. However, the PC link up costs an extra $40.00, so it may be something that you want to consider before adding on.

Polar S 710 Heart Rate Monitor
The absolute Polar heart rate monitor around, for cyclists. Priced at $310 it's directed towards serious amateur and professional cyclists. Like the S 610, it measures your VO2max, average heart rate, and calorie expenditures. Also like the S 610, you can download your performance data to a PC for an extra $40.00.

In summation, stick to the Polar heart rate monitor that only includes that features that you need. Even the most serious athletes don't need anything more than the S 210 unit.

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  Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews
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Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews