HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed
HealthRider Treadmills ReviewedHealthrider Treadmill Reviews at
HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed
HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed
HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed
HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed
HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed
HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed
  HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed

Healthrider Treadmills

HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed
HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed



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HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed
Healthrider treadmills belong to one of the world's largest fitness equipment manufacturers, Icon Health and Fitness. If you've had a chance to view any of our other treadmill reviews, you'll know that well known brands like Weider, Weslo, Nordic Track, and Reebok are also subsidiaries of Icon Heath and Fitness as well. 

On its own, Healthrider is known for it's original innovations for it's early 90's product, called the Health Rider. This product's quality and great success prompted other pieces of exercise equipment to be developped, including treadmills.

Healthrider treadmills sit in the low to mid cost category, ranging from about $600.00 to $1,200.00.

The warranty that a treadmill comes with is a good indication of it's overall quality. The treadmill's most important component is it's motor. Although power (HP) is important as well, not all motor are created equally. The warranty on a Healthrider treadmill is average. You can most likely expect 3 years on the motor, 2 years for the belt and deck, 2 years on the electronic parts, and 1 year for labor.

As a comparison, Smooth treadmills are the leading manufacturer for warranties, for treadmills within the medium price range. The offer a minimum of 5 years on the motor. Some of their lower priced treadmills, like the Proform or Weslo will only have a 90 day warranty, so Healthrider treadmills fall somewhere in the middle of the group.

Let's take a closer look at few of the Healthrider treadmills...

Healthrider 700HRC Treadmill
A 2.5HP motor offers an impressive top speed of 12mph, which is more than enough for most runners. It also offers a very generous belt/deck area at 55x20 inches and compares well to other models within the same price range. This particular model comes with a pulse grip sensor, can be folded upright, and includes 10 pre-set work out programs. for a low to medium priced treadmill, it does very well in comparison to the Smooth 5.0P, which offers similiar specifications but is about $200.00 more than the Healthrider 700RC.

Healthrider 500SEL Treadmill
This model comes equipped with a 2.75HP motor that has a tops speed of 10mph. The belt/deck size is large enough for any runner and this model also includes the pulse grip sensor which will help to target your heart rate. Slightly cheaper than the 700HTC model, which has a slightly smaller belt size. This model is also in the running against the Smooth 5.0P treadmill.

Healthrider S500XI Treadmill
With only a 1.75HP motor, this model is a disappointment considering that you can get the 500SEL for $100.00 more. The top speed for this model, the S500XI, is also 10mph, but the small moter attached to this treadmill has to work a lot harder than the next model up. Remember, your treadmill's most important focal point is it's motor... Futile to go through it's features... stick to the 500SEL or 700HRC.

To close this article, the lowest priced Healthrider treadmills could be a better alternative tot he Proform or Weslo, simply because of the warranty that they offer. But when you get into the $1000.00 price range, there are other options to consider.

You can find some Healthrider Treadmills here...

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  HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed
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HealthRider Treadmills Reviewed