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Exercise Mats
Exercise Mats
Exercise Mats
Exercise Mats
Exercise Mats
Exercise Mats
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Exercise Mats
An exercise mat is, literally, the foundation of any floor based work out or exercise program. Whether it's for Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, or just plain sit ups, a mat can either make or break your work out.

  It's astounding that some companies are selling exercise and Yoga mats for $100.00 and up. What's even more astounding is that people actually buy them! I guess it's understandable if it's for commercial use, but still...

As long as the mat is easy to clean, stays hygienic, is durable, and offers a long life, it will stand up to the most demanding of fitness programs. You really shouldn't need to spend more than $20.00, or even $15.00, on an ideal mat.

The following is a list of various exercise mats, all under $20.00, that you can use for all kinds of floor based exercise programs...

The Travel Exercise Mat
Very light weight and easy to fold or roll, the Travel Exercise Mat is portable and ideal to take to classes or travelling. It's not especially thick, 1.6mm, but it has an appealing price of just $11.99.

Classic Yoga/Pilates Mat
Double the thickness of the Travel Mat, and slightly longer, the Classic Yoga/Pilates Mat is also foldable and portable. Available in 3 colors, you can get this one for $15.95.

Deluxe Exercise Mat
This mat is found in many gyms, yoga/pilates, and various other fitness classes. A higher quality than the two previous mats mentioned, and offers more durability and thickness (5mm). Available in 5 different colors, you can find this mat at, MatsMatsMats, which also offers bulk purchasing. Available for $17.95 or as low as $11.00 per mat when purchasing in bulk.

Mesh Exercise Mat
If you are a sweater, this mat is definitely for you! An open weave designe allows for ventilation and prevents moisture build up. It offers the same thickness as the deluxe mat, but costs slightly more at, $20.95, not far off of our $20.00 budget!

If you're going to purchase on line, it's always best to buy a specific product from someone that specializes in that particular product. In relation to your search for mats, it's best to buy from a mat specialist because you'll get a longer wearing product, are assured of a much higher quality product, and can buy direct from a supplier than from a distributer. MatsMatsMats is a great sample of a mat specialist and offers fantastic customer care.

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