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Exercise Bike Reviews
Exercise Bike Reviews
Exercise Bike Reviews
Exercise Bike Reviews
Exercise Bike Reviews
Exercise Bike Reviews
  Exercise Bike Reviews

Exercise Bike Reviews

Exercise Bike Reviews Exercise Bike Reviews
Exercise Bike Reviews



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Exercise Bike Reviews
Stationary exercise bikes are the grandfather of home fitness equipment. In spite of the constantly changin, new and innovative fitness machines that enter the market, the stationary exercise bike remains a favorite.

Before we go into any specific models, let's have a look at some important features to watch out for...

Comfortable Seating (Saddle)

A comfortable seat can make or break the effectiveness of a stationary exercise bike. An uncomfortable saddle will ensure that you avoid working out and provide you with a new and expensive piece of standing art work.

Adjustable Resistance

All exercise bikes include the ability to adjust the resistance of your work out, however, it's the system that is used that is the most important. Typically, with higher quality bikes, it's possible to adjust the level of intensity by the push of a button. A quick esay change, but, low end bikes use a coarse dial that adjusts a tension strap that is attached to the wheel. A slight inconvenience that is better avoided.

Quiet Performance
A slight, but important, detail. A noisy exercise bike can turn into a nasty irritation.

Warranty and Servicing

Keep an eye out for the warranty and servicing options on any fitness product you're interested in. Warranties on stationary bikes vary from 90 days to 5 years. Lower priced stationary bikes will offer a shorter warranty, however, you can speak to your supplier or merchant about extended product and service warranties.


Like all fitness equipment, the cost will influence you greatly. Stationary exercise bikes vary anywhere from $150.00 and up. $150.00 will generally get you a cheap exercise bike. $300.00 can get you an excellent bike that also meets all of the standards mentioned above.

Now that we have an idea of what we're looking for, let's take a closer look at specific models...

Recumbent Exercise Bikes
If you suffer from lower back pain, or find saddles to be particularly uncomfortable and sore, recumbent exercise bikes are definitely for you...

Upright Exercise Bikes
Upright exercise bikes are the traditional in home exercise bikes and are what most people think of first. With literally thousands to choose from, this article will help make your decision easier...

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  Exercise Bike Reviews
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Exercise Bike Reviews