Dumbells Reviewed
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Dumbells Reviewed
Dumbells Reviewed
Dumbells Reviewed
Dumbells Reviewed
Dumbells Reviewed
Dumbells Reviewed
  Dumbells Reviewed

What to Look for when
Shopping for Dumbells

Dumbells Reviewed Dumbells Reviewed
Dumbells Reviewed



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Dumbells Reviewed
Dumbells are the most cost-effective and complete fitness tool available for strength training. Their effectiveness and versatility make them an ideal choice. Dumbells are a great fitness product to start your home gym with. We'll explore the different dumbells on the market and offer tips on the best places to get them.

Normally, shopping on line can be a great way of saving and finding a bargain, but it doesn't quite extend to weight training as the cost of shipping will cancel out any bargain that you get for them. The cost of shipping a 200lb package, no matter where you live, is going to be a pretty penny!

However, if you can find a site that offers free shipping, then that's a whole 'nother story. And if you're lucky, you could find an on line store that sells them so low that even with the shipping, you'll save... The following are a few on line retailers that are considered some of the best in the industry...

Close to the cheapest on line merchant for quality fitness equipment. Although it is possible to find lower prices, on some products, at another on line retailer, BigFitness.net often offers free shipping on many of their products. A huge saving and incentive!

BodyTrends.com is our pick for the best, on line, fitness retailer. They bring you a great selection of products, excellent customer care, easy ordering, and a friendly navigational web site.

The best on line retailer for weight training equipment, hands down. They offer prices in the same low range as BigFitness.net and include the shipping costs in their retail prices, making it very easy to shop. If you're looking for a set of dumbells, visit Megafitness first.

Dumbells to fit your Budget

Vinyl Aerobic Dumbells
Lighter weight dumbells, great for toning, and for adding resistance to your aerobic work out.

Neoprene Dumbell Tree
Great for beginners who are new to weight training, or who want to add resistance to their aerobic work outs. The set consists of 3lbs, 5lbs, and 8lbs dumbells. It also includes a handy storage unit.

A totally innovative and unique fitness tool. The Aquabells are ideal for travelling as you simply fill them with water when you want to work out. Aquabells will provide you with up to 16lbs per dumbell. These unique dumbells can only be found at BodyTrends.

The Hex Dumbell
Hex dumbells are the lowest cost, fixed weight dumbells. Although not exactly pretty, these cast iron weights are hexagonal shaped so that they won't roll away on you. Hex dumbells currently run for $0.42 per pound.

Probell System
Another unique fitness tool, the Probell System enables you to adjust the weight without having to undo collars and add or remove plates. All you need to do is turn a dial at the end of the dumbell and new weight is released, adjusting the resistance level. A quick and easy fix to the weight adjustment situation. Free shipping is also currently available on this product!

The Chrome Dumbell

Although aesthetically pleasing, the Chrome Dumbell is a more expensive alternative to ungly looking dumbells. Despite their good looks, they do the exact same job as ugly dumbells and may not be work the extra cost.

Commercial Dumbells
If you're in the market for commercial dumbells, MegaFitness is the place to go. They offer 5 types of commercial dumbells and are equipped to accept bulk orders.

Please remember that shopping around for the best deal is key... The stores mentioned in this article are a great place to start.

If you're looking for related products, we have also reviewed other types of strength and weight lifting products, such as home byms, barbells, benches...

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  Dumbells Reviewed
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Dumbells Reviewed