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Bowflex Review

Confused about which bowflex model is the right one to choose? With the range of models and pricing, it's enough to confuse anyone. There are about 10 different Bowflex models in total, all ranging in price from $700.00 to $2000.00.

Choosing the right Bowflex model will depend greatly on the exercises that are essential to your work out. You can expect to pay over $1000.00 for a model that allows you to work both your upper and lower body, largely in part of the numerous attachments that you'll require.

While the price is most likely the most common complaint, let's take a look at the alternatives...

The first alternative is a weight bench and dumbbells, which cost a fraction of the Bowflex, but require a certain amount of supervision. If you're new to using free weights, they can be dangerous when used alone. Most experienced weight lifters will agree that it's difficult to push yourself, safley, without somone to spot you. It may also be difficult to work certain muscle groups, such as your lats (back), with free weights alone.

Another alternative is a gym membership. It is possible to get a 2 year membership for the same price as the bowflex, depending on the gym and depending on the bowflex model. The challenge here is that most people that sign up for a gym won't use the facilities as often as they think they will... not enough to justify the membership fees anyway. Despite everyone's best intentions, it is much easier to work out at home, than to force yourself to a gym at then end of a hard and busy work day.

So, if your only alternative is the gym, then the bowflex, at $1000.00 is not such a bad deal. Especially for the ease of use, safety, and wide variety of exercises. It offers a better alternative to dumbbells for many people. There is, however, another alternative that we'll get to in a moment... one that is lower in cost yet still similar to the Bowflex.

Despite the critism of cost, the feedback on the Bowflex has been very positive. What makes it a favorite amongst its users is the ability to switch exercises and resistance quickly and easily. Many of the independant reviews are received from bowflex owners who have had them for several years and are still using them regularly. Would the same religiousness of use have been the same with free weights or a gym membership?

Another favorite feature of the Bowflex is the array of exercises available, which eliminate the need for any additional fitness equipment. Unlike other home gyms, the Bowflex presents enough resistance to provide an intensive work out for even the most advanced users.

In comparison to other resistance machines and in home gyms, overall, is the unnatural motion of movement when doing certain exercises. Whereas these machines require that you accommodate them, free weights will fit around its user. It's a great positive to hear that the Bowflex has the same level of comfort as free weights, along with the safety and stability of a resistance machine.

Bandflex... An Affordable Alternative to the Bowflex

If you are looking for an in home gym, the Bowflex is a great choice, however, if the price puts you off, there is an alternative to consider...

The Bandflex offers the same level of resistance, but uses bungee cables rather than the conventional weight stack. It beats the Bowflex on our Top 5 list, only because it's about a third of the price, at $300.00.

Retail stores and TV offers currently sell the Bandflex for about $300.00, however, as of January 15, 2003, you can buy it on line for $250.00 at, which is one of the most well known on line merchants for "as seen on TV" and infomercial products...

Click here for more details of the Bandflex at YouCanSave

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