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Barbells Reviewed
Barbells Reviewed
Barbells Reviewed
Barbells Reviewed
Barbells Reviewed
Barbells Reviewed
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A Guide to Barbells

Barbells Reviewed Barbells Reviewed
Barbells Reviewed



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Barbells Reviewed

Generally speaking, there are two types of barbells on the market...

Fixed weight
Just like its name, these barbells are not adjustable, so you'll need to buy more than one if you need to use different weights. Realistically, they are more ideal for commercial gyms due to the cost and space involved. However, if you are interested in purchasing fixed weight bars, try They specialize in strength training and can handle bulk orders.

Again, like the name, these barbells are adjustable and require that you add and remove plates to adjust the weight. Typically used in commercial gyms and in the home, these barbells deliver an obvious advantage of saving space, and cost. The choice of experienced lifters, adjustable barbells allow weight to be increased, or decreased, in smaller increments.

In more specific terms, different types of barbells have been developed to work different types of muscle groups. Here are some descripsions of the most typical...

Standard barbell
A plain, straight bar, about 5 feet in length, weighing between 10-14lbs.

Olympic bar
Able to accommodate up to 350lbs, it is approximately 7 feet in length and weighs around 30lbs.

E-Z bar
Isolates biceps during curl exercises.

Triceps bar
Isolates triceps during tricep press downs, or french press exercises.

Bigfitness is the online store for adjustable barbells. They sell a lot of equipment at wholesale prices and often have free shipping offers on many of their goods. Not to mention, they also have a 49 day return policy.

When it comes to prices, a regular barbell costs anywhere around $30.00+ (plus $20.00 S&H). An Olympic barbell will cost about $80.00 - $200.00+ (Plus around $50.00 S&H).

Click here for barbells at Bigfitness

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  Barbells Reviewed
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