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Fitness Equipment Review
Fitness Equipment Review
Fitness Equipment Review
Fitness Equipment Review
Fitness Equipment Review
Fitness Equipment Review
  Fitness Equipment Review

Exercise Equipment, "As Seen on TV"

Fitness Equipment Review Fitness Equipment Review
Fitness Equipment Review



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Fitness Equipment Review

Before deciding on a peice of exercise equipment, that you've seen on TV, it's a good idea to get some objective feedback. The review articles, posted here, will closely examine some of the most well known and popular "as seen on TV" fitness equipment.

Whatever your goals are, whether it's strengthening, toning, weight loss, or just plain health improvement, there are literally dozens of creatively designed products to help you reach those goals. While some are good, others may be awful or simply mediocre. And don't be foold... just because it's the latest, doesn't mean that it'll be the greatest.

Let's take a more in depth view at the latest infomercial products that we see on TV...

Bowflex (Our Pick)
As far as home gyms go, the Bowflex is one of the best to choose. Slightly pricey, but there is an alternative...

Bun and Thigh Rocker
Good quality and comfortable to use, although, slightly expensive for its purpose...

Good for strengthening and toning. Not good for those looking to build huge muscles, but great for circuit training...

Gazelle Freestyle (Our Pick)
High ratings from very satisfied customers. Well made and fun...

Good aerobic work out, but has received negative reports of poor quality and breakdowns...

Thigh Master
Effective and simple, but more of a side dish than a full meal...

Total Gym (Our Pick)
One of the best "as seen on TV" fitness equipment. Used by exercise and rehap facilities world wide...

Total Tiger
Hasn't received the most positive reviews and is quite expensive...

"As Seen on TV" Ab Equipment

For one of the many ab machines that you see on infomercials, we have a whoe section dedicated to them. To view these reviews, please click here...

For ab exercise equipment seen on TV click here.

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  Fitness Equipment Review
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Fitness Equipment Review