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AbTronic Review
AbTronic Review
AbTronic Review
AbTronic Review
AbTronic Review
AbTronic Review
  AbTronic Review

Ab Tronic

AbTronic Review AbTronic Review
AbTronic Review



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AbTronic Review
Like all ab belts, the Ab Tronic uses EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation). So instead of asking if the Ab Tronic works, maybe we should be questioning whether EMS is as effective as it is portrayed to be...

EMS, and a similar method called TENS, are used regularly by medical professoinals and physiotherapists, in hospitals all over the world. In light of this fact, we are aware that these mthods work, and work well. The reason being that they do exactly what they are designed to do, wich is to aid in the rehabilitation and healing processes by inhibiting pain, reducing swelling, and strengthening and toning specifically targeted muscle groups.

Now, our main question is this... Can EMS, and what I mean by that is, Can the Ab Tronic initiate weight loss?

Sadly, it cannot, but what it can do is strengthen and tone abdominal muscles, or any muscle group that you use it on. Just like EMS strengthens and tones during rehabilitation.

Please take note that the advertising hype only mentions weight loss claims in connection with a a healthy diet and cadio program. The reason they do this is because EMS is a "passive exercis" that burns very little calories and cannot make you lose weight on its own.

Despite the fact that the Ab Tronic will not make you lose weight on its own, it is still a viable contender if you plan to use it for strengthening and toning, rather than as a weight loss tool. If you don't have the motivation to do traditional sit ups, or to use the conventional ab machines, then the Ab Tronic, or one of its competitors in the same category, would be a good investment for you.

The following is a brief summary to help you compare the Ab Tronic to its two main competitors...

The Top 3 Ab Belts

Ab belts are either loved or hated. This is a fact.

The top three ab belts, currently on the market, are the Ab Tronic, Fast Abs, and the Ab Energizer. All include batteries and lubricant gel, and all three of these machines, as similiar as they are, also claim to produce similiar results.

Out of the three, the Ab Energizer receives the most positive testimonials and appears to be the most popular. Fast Abs has received the most negative criticisms, which inlcude, appearing as a cheap product, uncomfortable when used, and a very short battery life. It's also worthy to note that the Ab Energizer also comes with two exercising units which enable the user to work more than one muscle group at a time, and is cheaper.

Buying on line can save you up to 10-20% off of the street or TV cost. A well known on line retailer, like asontv.com, which sells infomercial produts at the lowest possible price can be found at...

Click here for more details of the Ab Energizer

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  AbTronic Review
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AbTronic Review