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Ab Machine Reviews
Ab Machine Reviews
Ab Machine Reviews
Ab Machine Reviews
Ab Machine Reviews
Ab Machine Reviews
  Ab Machine Reviews

The Ultimate Guide to Popular
Ab Machines and Buying them Online

Ab Machine Reviews Ab Machine Reviews
Ab Machine Reviews



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Ab Machine Reviews

Do they really work? Are they just trying to rip you off by clever sales pitches and promises? If they do work, are some better to use than others? What's with the wide price range? Is it better to buy them on line versus TV or retail? These are all great questions which we'll be covering shortly, but before we move on, a word of caution...

While some ab machines will claim weight loss and fat reduction, or will try to make you believe this, it is not the entire truth. A good ab machine, used properly, will strengthen and tone your muscles.

The theory of using "Spot Reduction" is an outdated one. It is said that when a specific muscle group is exercised, the surrounding area will achieve greater fat loss. For example, were you to exercise only your abdominal muscles, your stomach would lose weight.

Professionals in the Health and fitness industry are in agreement that "Spot Reduction" does not work.

A good abdominal machine, when used correctly, will strengthen and tone your midsection. Combined with a healthy diet and regular cardiovascular exercise, the ab machines will help you to lose weght and achieve that...

"...flat, firm stomach that you've always wanted, within a few minutes a day!"

The most important thing about using abdominal machines is that they should help to maintain your drive and consistency. If you find conventional ab exercises to be boring and uncomfortable, you won't do them no matter that they don't cost a thing.

Ab machine manufacturers take a lot of flack, which is mostly due to their choice of marketing, than their actual equipment. If you think that an ab machine will help you to stick to a daily routine, then don't let anything stop you from getting one. Just be sure that you understand what an ab machine will and will not do.

But before you decide to buy, let's have a look at the most popular brands available and find out whether there are any advantages to buying on line versus TV or retail...

Conventional Ab Machines

The Ab Slide
One of the most recognized in the market, but prices have dropped considerably...

The Ab Force
Slightly difficult to use, but lower in price to the Ab Slide...

The Ab Dolly
Much the same as the Ab Slide, but nearly twice the cost...

The Torso Tiger (Our Pick)
Also similar to the Ab Slide, except for an important advantage...

The Ab Doer
Although popular, it's costly and doesn't provide enough resistance for more advanced users...

Not enough resistance for experienced exercisers. Popular but expensive...

The Ab Twister
Good range of exercises, less expensive than the similar "Body"
by Jake Ab Rocker.

The Ab Away Pro (Our Pick)
Lots of great feedback for providing a confortable and effective work out...

Electronic Ab Machines

Electronic ab machines use EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) to work the abdominal muscles...

The following three ab machines are electronic ab belts. They use EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) to work your midsection...

The Ab Energizer (Our Pick)
Out of all of the electronic ab machines, the Ab Energizer is most likely the best value. It comes with two and units...

The Ab Tronic

Fast Abs

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